For a tent wedding in Muskoka, we recommended placing large French mirrors behind the head and family tables to reflect the beautiful crystal chandeliers and amazing floral decor.  Following an exhaustive search, we decided to custom design the frames.

Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, we created the design and exact dimensions of the mirrors needed:

1-24-2013-10-25-06-AM-231x300Carefully overseeing the production process, a few final changes were made to get them exactly as the client wished.




Advanced-Plywood-Stand-2-225x300At 7 ½ feet tall and over 300 lbs, our next challenge was how to display the mirrors at the proper height.  The solution was to build custom supports that allowed for precise positioning while safely holding the mirrors.

Our final challenge came to transporting all 7 mirrors without any breakage.  A custom steel case was built to transport the 7 mirrors horizontally and in a truck exclusively for the mirrors.  It took a team of 4 men to carry each mirror.  Following months of planning, a team of 9 people and careful execution, voila – perfection!


Sketch1-300x224When Wedluxe Magazine asked to come up with a movie themed photo shoot for the magazine the first thing we thought of was Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette. We knew it had to be Alexandra of Cake Opera to be designing the cakes. I had envisioned tones of blues and rich golds and ornate designs to be starting point for the design. After several calls and emails together as to vision of the shoot, Alexandra came up with this amazing sketch for the cake designs.


MG_4370-200x3001MG_4234-200x3001We decided we would need a great background for these incredible cakes by printing on fabric a custom design produced by Deb of Palettera. The end result was spectacular!

Using a French antique love seat and cushion for the setting, here is the “le petit gateau” scene that took place by a pond at Graydon Hall.

Using antiques for the floral vases and candelabras, we created a luxurious outdoor setting – luckily mother nature cooperated for the shoot.


Deb designed these incredible invitations.